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Vein Treatment 

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We use the Venus Versa IPL (Intense - Pulsed Light ) to treat spider veins. The Versatile Versa laser goes over the area of concern so that the spider veins absorb the heat energy, damaging the walls of blood vessels and causing it to collapse. 

The treatment is typically one hour long but can vary depending on the client. You will feel a short stroke of heat followed by a comfortable cool tip. Your technician may pass the Versa 3 to 5 times over the area to insure sufficient heat and energy over each area of concern. Your technician will finalize the treatment with cool towels over the areas of concern before you depart.

After 3-5 treatments on the area of concern the visible vein then fades away. While recovering we recommend wearing compression stockings. Weight loss and exercise, as well as regular elevation of the legs (thnk sitting with legs on a stool during downtime) are recommended. Those in the “lucky” 30% of people who have varicose veins but don’t experience pain or discomfort may opt to leave them if they’re not worried about their appearance. For those who are a little self - conscious, consider a non - surgical aesthetic treatment to minimize the appearance of visible veins when spider veins begin to crop up. Intense pulsed light (IPL) Photofacial treatments can reduce the appearance of vascular marks (visible veins) and discoloration for smoother, more even toned skin. Steer clear from direct sun for 2 weeks before and after each treatment.  

The Venus Versa is very safe if abiding by the proper protocol given to you by your technician.

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