Body Contouring


The Venus Legacy is a highly advanced non-invasive medical device that effectively resolves challenging face and body aesthetic needs, such as non-surgical circumferential reduction, cellulite reduction. Venus Legacy features four applicators: OctoPolar and 4D Body for larger areas, and DiamondPolar and 4D Face for smaller areas. All four applicators are powered by proprietary technology. They are only offered by Venus Concept’s with the synergistic combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields . The OctoPolar and DiamondPolar applicators are for circumference reduction.

We recommend 8-10 sessions to achieve optimal results.

During the treatment you will feel heat and suction passing over the area being treated. Your technician will keep open communication to continuously check your comfort level. Your technician will follow your legacy treatment with wood work massage over the area to shape the heated fat and mold the body to a desired appearance.

Results may vary from patient to patient. With successful and responsive cases you can expect up to 30% reduction on the treated area. This treatment has no down time, in fact you may even call it the lunchtime treatment. One may have redness on the treated area for up to 2 hours after the treatment and possible bruising.You must consume close to a gallon of water the day you get your treatment and should attempt to continue high water intake for the duration of your treatment plan.

Treatments are comfortable with no downtime and safe for all skin types.You may experience some discomfort if you have never done body contouring before. Treatments will get easier as you progress with your treatment plan. This treatment is a medical grade treatment that can harm anyone who has a pacemaker or metal implants in the area being treated.

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